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Joint Research Center

JRC MATT is a joint research center on semi-finished metal products, on their  production, transformation, and their derivatives. The objective is to develop and promote activities and initiatives to support competitive, innovative growth and know-how among its members. Examples are:

Studies and Research

studies and research in the area of the wire, coils and sheet transformation, data mining and big data as applied to technological processes, superficial treatments of wires and sheets, studies on special steels for cold plastic deformation process, optimization of machinery for the production and transformation of semi-finished products

Periodic Conferences

Periodic conferences for updating and dissemination

Training workshop

Training and thematic workshops that involve students and PhD


JRC Matt represents an example of a cultural and strategic approach to innovation that is based on the concept of Open Innovation as a tool to create value and increase competitiveness among its participants. JRC MATT is both a physical and a virtual collaboration site that can project, create and share know-how and answers for an ever more complex global market. Today’s Industries need new ways of organizing innovative processes by creating vertical and horizontal alliances to share knowledge, technology and resources that go beyond the companies’ own limitations. The goal of JRC MATT’s  founders is to develop a research center with the potential to become an example of virtuous collaboration between science and industry and whose ability to tap new resources can produce greater impact and innovation.

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