Steering Committee

The JRC MATT Steering Committee is composed of a
representative for each Founder.


a) planning and financial/operational management of JRC MATT activities and projects
b) supervision and assessment of the projects
c) Identification and selection of the projects and formulation of budget
d) Activation of the Project Committee
e) Admission of new members, designated as New Founders, Associate or Affiliate, according to the chosen membership quote

Project Committee

All JRC activities must be expressed in the form of a project, for which
a committee consisting of a Founder, Associate or Affiliate will have
the right to designate his/her own representative.

The Project Committees tasks will be to:

a) assume responsibility for the coordination and results of the project
b) define for each of the Founders, Associates and Affiliates belonging to the Committee, the corresponding annual or long-term participation fees established by the Steering Committee for the particular project
c) establish annual budget

Scientific Chief of Project

Each launched project will have a Scientific Chief whose tasks will be to:

a) supervise the specific research activity
b) formulate adequate proposals for its implementation
c) be accountable for the project’s results from the scientific perspective

Metal and Transformat Technologie