Supply Chain and Data Mining:

Creation of a data lake shared between partners for the analysis of big data aimed at optimizing the production processes of supply chain companies.

Superalloys for Plastic Deformation:

Identify new steel alloys optimized for cold plastic deformation processes.

Steel wire cleaning:

Development of surface treatments alternative to acid pickling, in order to improve the plastic deformation process and reduce the friction in cold forming processes

Numerical modelling of the hot extrusion process:

Modelling the hot extrusion process of plastics using simplified mathematical models .

Automatic steels:

Analysis of automatic steels and use of alloying to increase the machinability.

Effect of raw materials quality on tools wear:

Investigation of methods and strategies for the identification, collection and use of data from cold-deformation presses, with the aim of preventing abnormal tools wear.


Capstan cooling model:

Development of a thermal model of the wire – capstan – coolant system and creation of non-contact measurement systems for in-line measurement of wire temperature.

Artificial Intelligence in Process Engineering:

Explore the possibilities of using AI to automate part of the work of process engineers.

Data mining applied to the steel blanking process:

Data collection and analysis to identify defects in products derived from steel coils.

Mathematical modelling of the hot extrusion process:

Characterization of the plastic hot extrusion process and identification of the influence of process parameters on the temperature distribution and product mixing

Metal and Transformat Technologie